Tjitske Hemkes

Portrait by Blommers and Schumm

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Tjitske Hemkes (1980) graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2006 and is working ever since as a multi disciplinary artist based in Amsterdam. Her work ranges from video and fashion, to product design and art in public space.

She worked on music videos for director Michel Gondry in NYC, won the Calvijn Classic Award with her fashion label 'Colloid' and is an annual guest teacher at 'Beckmans College of Design' in Stockholm, Sweden, since 2010.


Next to her conceptual work under her own name, she recently started working under the pseudonym 'Olla Vogala'. With the different name came a different approach to design in which experiment and material take a central place.

'Olla Vogala' are two words from one of the oldest poems in old dutch. Its interpeted as a secret love letter from a monk to a nun. Which, for the artist, reflects the craving for exploring a different relationship with design.



Upcoming is the entry in an artist in residence program in Kyoto, Japan. During a stay of 3 months Tjitske will be working together with her sister Iteke Hemkes, explore the potential of more future collaborations between the sisters.