Olla Vogala

From the need to let go of control in the design proces and to work more in a experimental way, my pseudonym 'Olla Vogala' was born (This name comes from one of the oldest Dutch poems and means 'All the birds'). I developed techniques which mimic natural processes through physical actions, chemical reactions and color. In nature, fast processes lead to grow of fungus and over a long period to the creation of marble. Treating painting as a recipee rather than a medium, these works are produced by combining various paints with other acidic, toxic or natural substances unknown to traditonal marble techniques. This leads to a unique result that can be applied on any surface or 3 dimensional object. Central in this way of working is the ongoing experiment. Like a virus, the psychedelic colored prints spread out like a skin over existing products and surfaces. They function as an optical drug to reach a euphoric mental state.


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A collaboration between Olla Vogala and Public Pie.

Natural pigments and chemical reactions form an edible micro landscape. Get lost in the world of this magical cake and experience a taste safari.